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Credit: Emily Andrews (The New York Times)

While no stranger to art, Jersey City has experienced a resurgence to its art culture. The Jersey City Mural Program, which was commissioned by the Clean Communities Grant, began a few years back in 2013. Since then, dozens of murals have gone up in all regions of the city, from downtown Jersey City, to the Heights, to the Greenville area.

Leading the charge of art is Jersey City’s “house of art,” so to speak, the Mana Contemporary. The center was first founded by entrepreneur Moishe Mana in 2011, as a place that provided artist with a place to work and services as well. Mana also has centers in Chicago and Miami as well, with the latter also including rental units as well, labeled as Mana Wynwood. The center looks to create an artistic community that includes comfortable living. Mana Contemporary also continues to expand in Jersey City, owning a building on 581 Monmouth St., known as the “ice house” by many. The outer walls of the building has featured multiple murals, including one painted by renowned artist Shepard Fairey. The mural, known as “Natural Springs”, is one of a series of murals that each feature a political statement. The Natural Springs mural, in particular, represents the environmental devastation that has been caused by corporations, in this case oil companies.

BLVD Realty Group, based out of Jersey City, recently partnered with JC Pulse to deliver readers incite on some of the top murals in Jersey City. Some of the most popular murals covered in this mural spotlight project are the Jersey City Wave by Shepard Fairey, the David Bowie mural by Eduardo Kobra, and the Seven Heavenly Virtues, by Buff Monster. BLVD Realty was also involved in the sponsoring of the forthcoming Wine Tasting & Art event on March 8 at the Mana Contemporary center at 888 Newark Avenue. Hosted by Mana’s wine event service division, Mana Wine, the event will introduce attendees to new types of wines as well as introduce four artists’ work. Guests will enter each room, given a glass of wine, and listen to the artist speak on their artwork. For more information on how to attend this free event and more information on the featured artists, see below. Please make sure to pre-register for the event.

Credit: Adam Cohen

The following artist descriptions were provided by the Mana Contemporary:

Gary Lichtenstein – “Over the course of his forty-year career, Gary Lichtenstein has created an impressive range of screen-printed images with industry legends including Marina Abramović, Bob Gruen, Robert Indiana, Richard Meier, and Jessica Stockholder. Known for his distinctive use of color, reflection, and light absorption, the artist’s experimental work is part of permanent collections of museums around the country. In 2001 he founded Gary Lichtenstein Editions, a studio dedicated to making high-quality, limited-edition prints, and recently moved the operation to Mana.”

Gene Kiegel – “Gene Kiegel is contemporary artist whose work shatters the boundaries between traditional fine art, modern art and photography. After graduating from UC Berkeley in Fine Art and Architecture, Gene pursued a creative and exciting career as a fashion photographer and art director. His photography work has appeared in almost all major publications (Vogue, GQ, Departures) as well as many niche and artistic publications and books.”

Florence Academy of Art – “American realist painter Daniel Graves established The Florence Academy of Art in 1991 as a means to provide superior instruction in classical drawing, painting, and sculpture. To complement its locations in Italy and Sweden, the institution opened its New York Metro campus at Mana in January 2015. FAA at Mana is an exact replica of the original academy in Florence, and is led by Academic Director Jordan Sokol.”

Max Pelzmann – “Irish born visual artist, educated in Ireland, Austria and the United States. Attended Walnut HIll School for the Arts with an emphasis on Contemporary Sculpture. Maximilian Pelzmann exhibits his artwork internationally. While focusing on the traditional Theories of Art, Maximilian’s work delves into the impermanent and permanent forms that we encounter in our natural and artificial worlds. His public sculptures are exhibited in both Europe and the United States.”

If you’d like to attend this free event, please click here to register. For more info on the Jersey City Social Life group click on the logo below. For a precise schedule of the event see below.

Gary Lichtenstein – 2nd Floor / 6:30-7 PM
Gene Kiegel – 4th Floor / 7-7:30 PM
Florence Academy of Art – 3rd Floor / 7:30-8 PM
Max Pelzmann – 1st Floor / 8-8:30 PM – MANA CONTEMPORARY – MANA WINE – BLVD REALTY GROUP
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