This Week in History (July 28, 1996)

Think back to 1996. What were you doing then, 20 years ago? What music was popular back then? What films were reigning supreme at the box office? What was the top news stories happening at that time? These type of questions is what this weekly series will provide to you. We will display the top 10 music and film charts. We will also provide the television ratings from this time period, as well as video game releases. Lastly, we will provide a list of the top news events occurring throughout the week as well as links to stories from this time period. Although many who grew up around this time feel as if the 90s just passed “10 years ago” as many state, the world at that time was such a different place. So much has changed in all aspects of our life.

Top NewsTN28

Music ChartsMC28


Box OfficeBO28

WG: Weekend Gross / ODG: Overall Domestic Gross



Television Ratings


V: Viewers / R: Rating





Video Game ReleasesVG28


Top Stories

For a sense of what was the top news and events during this week in 1996, check out these interesting articles below from the LA Times. Some news can even parallel some big news stories happening today, such as discontent with the Emmy Awards nominations, the illegal immigration discussion, rising airport fees and the constant fear of terrorism. We strongly recommend you check out the articles below.

L.A. Gatherings Mourn Victims of TWA Crash

Bomb Found on Runway at O’Hare Airport

1996 Emmy Nominees: Seems Like Old Times

Anti-Illegal Immigrant Measure Pushed in Orange County

U.S., Russia Approve Draft of Nuclear Treaty

Rose Bowl Joins Football Title Alliance

Fees at Some Airports Are Rapidly on the Rise

NBC Claims Record for Opening Ceremonies

Lakers: Here We Go Again

Republican is Their Shepherd in Jersey City


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