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Fernando 4Besides the plethora of beautiful murals popping up all over town, other kinds of art are also making their mark felt. Artist Fernando Redondo who has recently moved to Jersey City has been practicing a more obscure type of art that he terms “reliefgraphy”.

Using charcoal, Fernando captures the details of the sidewalks, mailboxes, buildings,  and seeks to release the inner beauty of each and every thing. There is a history to a 50 year old drain cover, and a history to the cracked sidewalk that millions of steps have been taken over.

“My art reveals how the city is filled with details rich in beauty,” said Redondo. “These invisible works of art are lost under concrete sidewalks and hide in unimportant passageways.

Fernando1 Fernando2


















“They are like the city’s footprints, which people just walk over without noticing. People don’t have time to take in the world around them or see the beauty right under their feet.”

photos courtesy of . Artist Fernando Redondo’s studio Mana Contemporary is located on 888 Newark Avenue, Jersey City. 

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