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Earlier this year in April, the Jersey City Parks Coalition announced a plan to plant 5,000 trees over the next 5 years. During the press conference (see a portion of it below) Mayor Steve Fulop announced that the city would be committing up to $60,000 to the project each year of the planned 5 years. The first event of these events will begin this month, with a tree planting workshop occurring this October 16. The event’s overall mission is to increase Jersey City’s Urban Tree Canopy range, which is currently at 17% (ideal number by experts is 30%). For more information about Jersey Cities trees, the OpenTreeMap app features info on specific Jersey City trees that can be monitored and analyzed.

The event will be hosted by the Jersey City Parks Coalition. According to their Eventbrite page, the success of the project would, “provide important wildlife habitat, increase the value of our homes, mitigate the heating and cooling effects of the weather through shading and breaking the wind, improves groundwater, reduces erosion, help to clean the air, produce food for both people and animals, and even produce a significant recovery from stress in people.” The JCPC also holds the “Big Dig” (tree and flowers project) and the “Bigger Dig” (initiative hoping to plant 2020 trees by the year 2020).

The event will be held on October 16, 2016 at the Riverview-Fisk Park at 1 Bowers Street, Jersey City, from 10am – 11:30am. Riverview-Fisk Park holds many different events throughout the year, from the Riverview’s Farmers Market to the Jersey City City of Trees event.

For more information on the event visit their website at Jersey City Parks Coalition

To register for the free tree give away, click here

For more information about the event read the press release below.


The Jersey City Parks Coalition (JCPC) intends to distribute 150 FREE trees to the residents of Jersey City from a 2016 Tree Giveaway Award from the Alliance for Community Trees. This opportunity is made possible through a partnership with CSX Transportation and the Arbor Day Foundation. The JCPC was one of 12 organizations chosen nationwide to accomplish one of the City of Trees goals, including residents planting and caring for trees on their own property.

In partnership with the City of Jersey City, New Jersey City University, Rutgers Cooperative Extension, New Jersey Tree Foundation and the most essential component; an army of passionate and trained residents called the Jersey City Tree Lovers Crew (JCTLC); the Jersey City Parks Coalition plans to plant 5,000 trees over the next five years leading up to the year 2020 as part of their City of Trees Program.

The free tree is provided to the applicant after participation in one of the tree care workshops scheduled for what the JCPC is dubbing Octreeber, a month long celebration of tree awareness and planting events. The workshops will be held on the following dates and locations: Saturday, October 1st at the Bethune Center, Sunday, October 9th at Harsimus Cemetery, Sunday, October 16th at the Riverview Farmer’s Market. All workshops are from 10 am – 11:30 am. Admission is free and open to all residents wishing to know how to care for the trees that they already have.

Other Octreeber events include: An Open Tree Map pilot mentoring program with NJCU students and Innovation High School, mapping trees in one square block; Bayside Neighborhood Association in partnership with the NJ Tree Foundation and TD Bank will be planting 30 trees in and around Bayside Park and Goldman Sachs, our education and engagement sponsor, will be holding a reception at the end of the month for the unveiling of their Annual Student Art Project Exhibit: City of Trees, an artist-led creative program that engages young Jersey City artists in a wide variety of fun activities and artistic disciplines to help inspire their love of the arts. For full details on these events, the workshops and the FREE tree giveaway application visit

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